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Passionate About Helping Others

Are you interested in learning French or advancing your skills in the popular romance language?

My name is Virginie Villa, and I can help you accomplish your goals. Since 2011, I have been teaching interactive and engaging French lessons to students of all fluency levels. As a native speaker, I provide my students with a deep understanding of the language. Some of my students have accomplished fluency within just a few months.

There are so many reasons to learn French.


  • Do you need to prepare for the Higher School Certificate? My lessons will help you succeed.


  • Are you interested in an immersive experience? I offer intensive language instruction.


  • Are you interested in learning French to advance your career or help your business? A knowledge of French can open doors.


  • Would you like to visit countries where French is spoken? Learning French can enrich your travel experiences. 

Fluency in French will enable you to read poets such as Charles Baudelaire and Arthur Rimbaud. Paris is the world capital of fashion, and France has been home to some of the most famous painters in Western history including Claude Monet and Edgar Degas.

My tailored lessons will help you achieve your goals. I offer lessons at all levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


Lessons can include anything from conversational to formal French depending on your personal objectives. Additionally, I offer the convenience of learning online, at your home, or at a local café or library of your choice in Sydney or the Eastern suburbs.


My private lessons enable very personalised feedback and practice, and teaching strategies conform to the needs of the individual learner.

My personal educational background includes international law. I have a passion for teaching French, and I would love to help you!

Contact me to schedule your personalised lessons - vouloir, c'est pouvoir!


  • Master of Laws in International Law, LL.M

  • Master of Legal Studies

  • Graduate Diploma in Australian Law

  • Graduate Diploma in Professional Legal Practice

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